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Madcaps and Mini Madcaps

Quality Care in a Fun and Stimulating Environment

Independent Learners

In our care we encourage children to develop a strong sense of their own identity and this includes  helping them to become independent in both their choices whilst here and their ability to do things for themselves.

Children will learn to select resources for their play, crafts, foods and will be able to use the tools to support them, e.g. scissors for crafts, safety knives for chopping food.  They will be encouraged to learn how to put on their own coats, boots, shoes and other clothing and will be proud of their achievements.  They will also learn how to help each other and how to ask for help from their friends.

Our children prepare their own snacks, pour their own milk, find their cutlery for lunch, scrape their own plates, put on their coats, shoes etc. During our cooking sessions, we will use a 'scaffolding' approach to show them, support them and then allow them, to make their own individual cakes, using picture prompt cards and a microwave!  During every aspect of their day we will be encouraging them to find ways to do things themselves, helping them to think and to make their own personal choices about things.  

We believe that this strong independence will encourage them to be confident, secure and happy when they go on to school, because they will have the skills which enable them to be relatively independent within that community at an early age.  Also, by giving children the opportunity to make choices and think for themselves we are encouraging them to feel secure about how they feel and what they think.  Alongside this we will encourage them to recognise that other people's choices and ideas may be different from theirs, another important learning curve along the way!