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Madcaps and Mini Madcaps

Quality Care in a Fun and Stimulating Environment

Our Green Activities

We believe in helping our children to learn about caring for the world, it's their inheritance and they deserve to have a world that is good to grow up in.  

"I have learned you are never too small to make a difference” Greta Thunberg

We do this by - 

Recycling - we learn which things we can recycle and we have bins for paper and card, plastic, general waste, batteries, ink cartridges

Growing - we grow vegetables to eat and flowers to encourage wildlife

Life Cycles - we have chickens who lay eggs - we see butterflies growing from caterpillars and ducklings from eggs  We have a bug hotel

Using natural materials  -  we encourage children to use leaves, sticks, acorns, wood

Repurposing - we play with real pots, pans, cups, teapots, jugs, phones and lots of other things.  

Understanding - we encourage care and kindness towards all wildlife, creatures and people

Composting - we compost food peelings, old vegetables etc.  We use our compost on our gardens and play areas

Avoiding damage to the environment - we avoid using things like glitter which isn't biodegradable