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Madcaps and Mini Madcaps

Quality Care in a Fun and Stimulating Environment

Outdoor areas

Our children have access to our outdoor areas all day, we have two gardens, one is dedicated to sand and free play and the other is a natural, forest garden. Our chickens live in the sand garden and the children love to fee them when they are outside playing.  

Our forest garden houses our 2 forest friends, Fern and Willow, who help the children learn about the outdoors and appear in the trees or buildings every day.

Outside children can climb, swing, build, make dens, cook food, ride scooters and balance bikes, play with water, grass, sand and lots more!

We find all kinds of bugs and insects in our garden and love to create places for them to live.  In the summer we always have caterpillars and watch them grow from tiny little green caterpillars to beautiful butterflies, then we release them into our garden.



Our Sand Garden

Our Outdoor Play Area

We love finding bugs snd insects!