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Madcaps and Mini Madcaps

Quality Care in a Fun and Stimulating Environment

Meals and Snacks


We serve breakfast from 7.30 - 8.30 which is usually cereal and toast. 

Snacks are available for the children in Nursery from 10 - 11am and from 2.15 - 2.45 pm.  Our children cut their own fruit and pour their own milk during the morning snack time.  In the afternoons they often bake their own snacks as part of the activities.  We encourage independence and some of the children can make their own cupcakes using simple picture instructions and cook it themselves (with adult supervision!) in the microwave.

Lunch is provided by parents following healthy eating guidelines.  We believe this is a good introduction to the concept of sitting together and eating ready for school.  It is also a very sociable activity and children enjoy this time together.  We follow healthy food and good oral health policies.  Our children are soon able to get their own cutlery, scrape their plates and put everything away themselves.  

Children who are staying for the evening will be offered a hot meal at 4.30.